Wordpress Administration

With the dashboard of WordPress Administration, you are always up to date, are informed about the installed plugins, and can make and change settings on your system at any time. We'll show you how it's done!

Wordpress Administration

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Would you like to put maintenance, care & Co. into our experienced hands? WPvalley will be happy to take on all of the associated tasks for you. If you need training in WP, we would be happy to show you how the back office of your website works, because we are very familiar with all the details and subtleties.
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WordPress is an ideally suited content management system if you want to create a professional website to attract new customers. This world’s most popular CMS is easy to use and supports any type of website. Many design templates, expansions, and countless modules are very adaptable, and thanks to the clarity and intuitive usability, even beginners can get along well with WordPress administration.

Nevertheless, certain tasks should be taken over by specialists. Our front-end developers regularly install security updates, take care of version upgrades, and advise you on everything related to WordPress CMS, in all news and trends.

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CMS WordPress consulting

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can support and consult you as an expert on all WordPress topics.

Our WordPress specialists know the strengths and weaknesses of this CMS and offer you quick help, long-term support, Hosting and much more

We would also be happy to help you optimize your existing page or set up a completely new page according to your wishes

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We promise to sustainably increase your success by exploiting the full potential of WordPress

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