Support and maintenance of WordPress sites

We create sites based on WordPress, provide technical support, take over the administration, maintenance, and security updates.

Support and maintenance of WordPress sites

Administering WordPress sites

WordPress as a content management system has proven itself well in large European companies, universities, and startups. WordPress is rapidly evolving and acquiring new features, and we can provide you professional support.

Taking care of your WordPress site

WordPress sites work well and are secure and stable. But for the site to continue working tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and into the future, it needs to be regularly maintained and updated.

Not enough time to keep track of all the details? We will take care of all the technical difficulties.

We will carefully monitor and take care of your WordPress site as our own: we will repair, raise, update, integrate plugins and take care of hosting.

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We provide comprehensive maintenance of WordPress sites

We update and “make friends” with each of the various plugins after their installation on your WordPress site.

We follow the versions, carry out maintenance, do backups, and encrypt the most critical data, storing it separately from the main site.

We have strong preventative measures in place in order to lessen site-crash, minimize downtime, and to be regularly updated in terms of content and technical aspects.

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WordPress by professionals

We are focused on creating something that will cover your needs for a long time and will surpass your expectations. We have an individual approach

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