SEO set up for WordPress

We mix keywords and SEO plugins with posting optimized content and a pinch of AdWords to get your website to the top on search engines.

SEO set up for WordPress

Make your site attractive to Google

Every text field is essential and necessary, but SEO requires a systematic approach. The algorithms used by search engines to rank web pages are continually changing. Because of this, it gets complicated in terms of understanding, which parameters affect the site's ranking. But not for us. Example: getting into the top 10 search results in the German segment of our projects for 'App Agentur' and 'Magneto Agentur' for App-Agentur and Magevalley.
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Implement and configure SEO plugins for WordPress

We will take your project to the first positions of search rerulst on Google, Yahoo, and Bing using the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

Our SEO package includes everything you need for optimization: modules for OnPage SEO, improved document structures, permalinks, tag cloud, breadcrumb navigation, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other social media connections.

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Mobile First: optimized for mobile devices

Let’s be honest: if your page’s mobile version doesn’t look attractive, then the chances of a high number of organic searches for the site tend to plummet. Google changes the rules often, but we’ll help you adapt.

We optimize the front-end for easy display on mobile devices and prioritize code execution on different platforms, which increases search engine rankings by an average of 61.4%

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Fill your WordPress site with engaging SEO content

Search engine optimization is just the tip of the iceberg. Real people perceive content. If the text blocks answer the reader's request and have a structure rich in keywords, they will return to you. If not, you will start at the top, but people will not return. We solve this problem.

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