Speeding ​​up WordPress sites

Thanks to Docker, we quickly deploy and scale sites of any complexity. Regardless of the site's structure and content, we will distribute your resources between the front and back end using Kubernetes.

Speeding ​​up WordPress sites

Reduce the cost of maintaining a WordPress project

Qualified distribution of web service resources can reduce the cost of its content by an average of 34%. Using Kubernetes, we can split the back-end and front-end into separate containers, which allows us to customize the resources they consume individually, reducing maintenance costs.
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Slow WordPress site - what to do?

Sometimes plugins are overkill. They work, they are not touched until the new administrator arrives, or they are forgotten forever. But they continue to waste resources.

We will figure out which of the plugins can be safely disabled, which can be replaced with more advanced analogs. This will speed up the website, add new functionality, and rework the old one. Are you starting a change in your WordPress project? This service is for you.

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Optimizing site architecture: speed and savings

We will distribute the resource consumption of the Front-end and Back-end components of the site using the Kubernetes service containers. In practice, this means increasing page load speed and reducing the cost of maintaining a site on the host server-side.

We carry out optimization and load balancing, which allows faster page loading, thereby creating a positive experience. Reduced maintenance costs will be a bonus.

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Improving page loading speed

According to official statistics, 53.4% ​​of mobile users go to Google to close a website if its pages don’t load instantly.

We will achieve a decrease in page loading time using SmartCopression plugins and optimizing the code using Mobile First technology. With Kubernetes and Docker, this is easy to do, and your WordPress site will load much faster.

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WordPress by professionals

Unleashing the full potential of WordPress by using 10 years of experience with this platform.

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